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Divot Bare Fiber Adapter Testing Device

The Divot Bare Fiber Adapter (Tester) is a device that quickly connects unterminated (bare) fiber to OTDR’s or other fiber optic test equipment.  Simply strip the fiber, cleave and insert into the Divot Module.  In an instant, the fiber is connected to your OTDR with low loss and low reflectance


Features / Benefits

Internal replaceable cartridge filled withoptical coupling compound
No dipping, messy applicators orexternal reservoirs to fill
Quickly test fiber without terminating
Accepts non-cleaved fiber
Low insertion loss
Repeatable and Reusable
LiteLOCK® Technology

How it works

The bare fiber when inserted into the Divot Module, goes through a cartridge which is filled with an optical coupling compound.  The compound is applied to the end of the fiber as it passes through the cartridge, then enters into a custom ferrule which has a small divot on the end.  The divot creates a small cavity at the end of the ferrule which retains the optical coupling compound from the inserted bare fiber end.The bare fiber is then mated to a precisely aligned ferrule on the patch cable resulting in a quick, low loss connection suitable for most testing applications.