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EXFO Fiber Monitoring System NOVA FIBER RTU-2

Intelligent OTDR-based RFTS solution designed to build, turn up and monitor any type of fiber network, including P2P and PON links | PT. Visi Indotama Perkasa | EXFO Indonesia



Part of EXFO’s solution for remote fiber testing and monitoring (RFTM), the RTU-2 is a test unit that is remotely controlled via EXFO’s central fiber monitoring system (FMS). It is a modular unit, hence allowing for flexibility and scalability. OTDR modules and optical switches enable centralized fiber characterization through patented OTDR/iOLM technology.
Optical link management can be scaled up to 1024 ports with external optical switches (local or remote). In-service testing and monitoring of P2P and PONs is possible thanks to in-service OTDR port at 1650 nm coupled with a traffic multiplexer (test access module coupler).
Finally, measure PON end-to-end fiber attenuation at 1650 nm with a traceable test method using a high-reflectance demarcation filter



  • Smaller, denser and scalable hardware: combine modular and external switch (local or remote) to OTDR and scale up to 1024 ports per test head in as little as 3U rack height
  • Scalable EMS supporting over 1,000 remote test units in a single clustered instance
  • Fast & accurate: guaranteed HRD testing performance – 5 sec on typical PONs with 60cm HRD separation using high-end OTDR modules powered by market-leading iOLM application
  • Software architecture enabling automated & integrated workflow (e.g., iOLM, FMS, API)
  • Most secure solution: IOT type RTU, mutual SSL authentication
  • Cloud native architecture for integration in private and public clouds
  • MPO connectors: 16x fewer connectors for faster handling and scalability aligned with OLT card port counts


  • Versatile solution throughout network lifecycle, from build to monitor, and across network topologies (e.g., PON, P2P, distributed access)
  • End-to-end continuity and loss verification in PONs
  • Massive FTTx network auditing
  • Automated troubleshooting of fiber-related issues
  • Preventive tracking of degradations
  • Restore and repair quality assurance

RTU-2 remote test unit and optical switches

The industry’s smallest form factor for a combined test and switching solution

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