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Splice On Connector


For FTTH installation and deployment, mechanical connectors have been widely used, however unstable quality , weak durability and high maintenance cost might be of a concern, splice-on connectors are invented to provide a more solid solution for FTTH installation. Splice on connector technology has made it an integration with fusion splicing machine to improve the field work efficiency dramatically. The splice-on connector can be used not only in the filed of communication but also widely used in advanced technical fields including military, ship-building, medical, power plant and most of FTTH network solution.

- Suitable for FTTH type drop cable
- Low insertion loss (including optical adapter)
- Saving cost dramatically especially the maintenance cost
- High durability and high quality FTTH connector
- Enhanced high quality with improved optical features (Return loss & Splice loss)
- Enhanced & improved highly tensile strength (exceeding 60N)
- Easy to use