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One Push Cleaner

One Push Cleaner or One Click Cleaner is designed to perform cleaning on the ferrule end surfaces inside various types of adapter or port without nicking or scratching e Click the end face. It uses the mechanical push action to rotate the cleaning tip made from lint-free material in reel form to achieve an optical grade cleaning.



  • Cleans connectors or jumper ferrule end surface in adapters or ports
  • Compliant with EU/95/2002/EC Directive (RoHS)
  • Single action cleaning
  • More than 800 cleaning cycles
  • Very low cost per cleaning
  • Effective on a variety of contaminates


  • Fiber network patch panels and assemblies
  • Outdoor FTTX applications
  • Transceiver and cable assembly production
  • Server, switches, routers and OADMS with SC and LC
  • Laboratories