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Nova Verifier

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EXFO Verifier Agent EVA - Network visibility solution
A lightweight and containerized agent for end-to-end service monitoring and troubleshooting

Built on a unified software platform, Nova Verifiers are available in physical, virtual, container and embedded versions, covering not just the traditional network infrastructure, but also orchestrated network slices and edge compute locations, and devices themselves. Sharing a common code base means tests can be executed consistently end-to-end across hybrid infrastructure.Real-time streaming connectors provide native integration into existing big-data environments.
The Nova Verifier engine executes all the tests from a common catalog of over 100 different performance tests covering layers L2-L7. Nova Verifiers can execute multiple tests concurrently, combining different tests to provide visibility of performance at multiple layers simultaneously.
The physical, virtual, container and embedded software-based Nova Verifiers are managed by EXFO’s element management system, Nova Worx. Nova Verifiers maintain a secure and encrypted communication channel which guarantees the integrity and security of the test process and collected metrics.


EXFO Nova Verifier


Nova Verifier containerized network function (CNF)
The Nova Verifier containerized network function (CNF) is a lightweight software agent, designed for deployment in non-hypervisor environments. Nova Verifier CNF is available as a simple software package which can be downloaded and installed on a host of environments. Once deployed, it provides the ability to run L2 to L7 performance testing and help gain visibility from the installed platform.