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EXFO 5Gpro RF Spectrum Analyzer | PT. Visi Indotama Perkasa | EXFO Indonesia

Simple to use, accurate, built specifically for field techs. EXFO’s portable RF spectrum analyzer provides visibility into 4G LTE and 5G RF environments with the industry’s only modular RF testing solution.


FR1 (450 MHz - 6 GHz)
FR2 (24.25 GHz – 40 GHz)
Real-time spectrum and signal analysis bandwidth up to 100 MHz
5G NR signal and beam analysis
LTE signal analysis
Digital RF power measurements
OTDR, RF over CPRI, CPRI/eCPRI, timing and synchronization,Ethernet up to 100G

The 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer provides visibility into 4G LTE and 5G RF environments through an easy-to-use, compact and portable solution. Ready to adapt as your network transforms, our flexible, modular and field upgradeable solution lets field techs analyze FR1 (450 MHz - 6 GHz) or FR2 (24.25 GHz – 40 GHz) bands with the same solution.

5GPro Spectrum Analyzer FR1 FR2


Real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA)

The 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer is a real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) that provides continuous acquisition of RF signals with 100MHz of analysis bandwidth. Quick characterization of wireless signals and detection of intermittent interference is now possible with the combination of the RTSA persistence and spectrogram view.

5GNR signal analyzer

A 5GNR signal analyzer supports the demodulation of 5GNR signals validating over-the-air (OTA) performance of cell sites and ensures smooth communication with user equipment. This application provides beamforming metrics and will analyze up to 64beams and display the 12 strongest beams with the corresponding power measurements.

Spectrum analysis (TDD gated sweep)

Time division duplexing (TDD) is a transmission technique whereby the uplink and downlink signals are transmitted on the same frequency using synchronized timed intervals. Both spectrum analysis and interference analysis for TDD require the use of a measurement technique called gated sweep. This technique facilitates the visualization of uplink or downlink spectrum by displaying that data within a specified range of timeslots.

LTE analysis

LTE analyzer supports the demodulation of 4G/LTE signals validating over-the-air (OTA) performance of cell sites and providing key metrics including:
•Sector and group ID
•Physical cell ID (PCI)
•Duplexing mode (FDD or TDD)
•RSRP (dBm)
•RSRQ (dB)
•RSSI (dBm)

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Designed by field techs

Current RF spectrum analyzers are complex, requiring extensive RF knowledge to operate. And with equipment from multiple vendors, each with different GUIs and processes, things can get complicated. Learning it all takes time, but 5G won’t wait.

  • Do more in less time: purpose-built and automated, making it easier and quicker to detect, locate and eliminate RF issues in the RAN (i.e., interference, beam performance issues etc.)
  • Field-specific features: exactly what’s required in the field—no confusing apps and features that buyers paid for, but that field techs will never use
  • Compact, field portable: validate 4G/LTE and 5G RAN with a wide range of functionalities built into a small-footprint design

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