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Fast Connector


With the rasing of FTTH construction around the world, field assembly optical connector FAOC is a most common solution used to terminate optical fiber especially for FTTH box. Filed assembly optical connector FAOC technology enable site engineers to build a connector upon the existing optical cable within just a few minutes, it enhances the working efficiency dramatically, and FAOC is reusable for 10 time so it is also the most saving solution for telecom operators. Filed assembly optical connector FAOC technology is wildly applied in ODN construction, especially in fiber distribution box, fiber termination box and fiber rossette.

- Suitable for FTTH type drop cable
- Low insertion loss (including optical adapter)
- Screw design, easy to open and close
- Preset fiber and matching-fluid design minimizes optical loss
- Best quality ceramic ferrule
- Guaranteed optical loss less than 0.5dB
- Easy to use, reusable for 10 times