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Fiber Cassette Cleaner

Optical Fiber Connector Cassette Cleaner is an ergonomic design, pocket-size for handy operation that can be easily gripped in either right or left hand. By pressing down the button with the thumb, the cover slides open leaving the clean weave exposed for connector cleaning. Using anti-static materials, it avoids the dust and particle from sticking to the connector surface after cleaning.

It is a perfect solution for dry-cleaning that does not leave residual liquid, caused by improper connection, thanks to the super fine cross-woven fabrics. The cleaner remove all kind of dirty particles effectively, preserving the performance of connection of high quality connectors.



  • Designed for various type of connectors: SC/FC/ST/LC
  • Compact sized and handy for hand-held operation
  • Fabric dry-cleaning without leaving residual
  • >500 cleaning capacity
  • Right or left hand operation with ergonomic design
  • Made by anti-static material
  • Non-refillable


  • Fiber connector cleaning