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Cable and Pipe Locators

Radiodetection RD8200

Take the next step in locating buried infrastructure
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Precision Cable Locator

Locating and protecting buried infrastructure are key operations for many industries, and locator technicians need reliable equipment that can be used all day, every day in tough environments.

They demand tools that can deliver efficient operations, high levels of safety and precise and accurate measurements.

Radiodetection’s Precision Locators are designed to meet these demanding requirements.

RD8200 Radiodetection’s flagship ranges locate cables and pipes quickly and accurately to help increase operators’ productivity and prevent damage to buried infrastructure

Speed, accuracy and reliable performance

  • Light, quick to set up and easy to carry
  • Fast and precise locating
  • Alerts and warnings for safer on-site operations
  • Rugged, shock resistant, all weather tool
  • Premium quality, designed and made in the UK


Technology driven best on-site practise

RD8200 locators offer many features designed to drivecorrect usage, reduce utility damage, improve safety andenhance your reputation

  • Swing Warning System, drives correct usage
  • Usage-logging with GPS positioning, understand how your technicians operate
  • Vibration feedback,reduces the chance of missed warnings

Ergonomic design, premium quality

The RD8200 is a light yet rugged tool ready to operate in most difficult conditions, day after day. Radiodetection help is always at hand with our online support website.

Why Radiodetection


Radiodetection provides world class solutionsto help the industry protect critical infrastructure and buried utilities

Recognized as industry pioneers, Radiodetection has been offering its customers competitive advantages and operational efficiency through technology-leading solutions since 1977.

Ease of operation and ergonomics – the equipment of choice for many industry professionals.

Quality, accuracy and reliability are the foundations of Radiodetection’s unrivalled reputation in enabling operators to locate congested buried utilities quickly.

Comprehensive distribution network, training and support – offering local knowledge and support to maximise business continuity and efficiency.

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