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Visual Fault Locator

fls 240 cover

EXFO FLS-240 Visual Fault Locator | PT Visi Indotama Perkasa | EXFO Indonesia


The pocket pal is the easiest way to identify fibers from end to end and locate polished connector endfaces. Its red laser shines through most yellow-jacketed fibers to help you trouble-shooting on fiber breaks, tight bends, faulty connections, splices and other causes of signal loss. It is a perfect complementary tool for OTDR because of its capability of finding.

fls 240 FrontMVFL 202


- Locate sharp bends, breaks, and damage in fiber
- Conduct end to end continuity tests
- Perform fiber tracing and identification


- Bright red laser at 635 nm
- Pulsed and CW operation
- 50 hours of operation (typical)
- Standard AAA alkaline batteries
- Rugged and weatherproof
- 2.5 mm universal connector

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