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PTP SyncE Test

EXFO Timing and synchronization - 1588 PTP and SyncE test solution | PT. Visi Indotama Perkasa | EXFO Indonesia


ftb 1 pro PTP SyncE

1588 PTP
EXFO’s 1588 PTP validates 1588 PTP packet network synchronization services, ensuring that the 1588 PTP protocol is delivered correctly at any critical location in the network. This is a quick and simple test application used to validate the presence of the PTP service, retrieve the boundary clock information and validate that the clock quality level is as expected. The 1588 PTP application supports G8265.1 as well as the two profiles that are critical for 5G: G.8275.1 and G8275.2.

EXFO’s SyncE application is a quick and easy-to-perform test which confirms that the SyncE protocol is running correctly on the network. The SyncE test validates that ESMC messages are exchanged correctly, that the clock quality level is as expected and that SyncE frequency is correct and stable.

Time Error/Wander
EXFO’s Time Error/Wander application provides all the key test metrics to validate the accuracy of the network synchronization.And thanks to the built-in high precision GNSS receiver, the test is easy to setup and ready to measure in only a few minutes.The application performs multiple Time Error measurements such as Maximum Absolute Time Error (Max |TE|), dynamic Time Error (dTE), constant Timer Error (cTE), Maximum Time Interval Error (MTIE), Time Deviation (TDEV), etc. The Time Error/Wander application automatically evaluates if the signal under test meets different standardized masks such as the MTIE mask defined by ITU G.8271.1. Verdicts are presented to the user based on several different criteria. The Time Error/Wander feature also allows users to zoom into Time Error graphical test results.