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The IQGeo Platform is the foundation for our award-winning software solutions, transforming the ability of telecoms network operators to design and manage their complex and constantly evolving network assets. It’s mobile-first architecture creates a current and accurate digital twin of their physical operations that can be securely shared with thousands of field and office staff, improving enterprise collaboration and increasing operational productivity.

IQGeo’s enterprise geospatial software can be rolled out on its own as an asset visibility solution supporting office staff, mobile field crews and contractors. It provides the tools they need to streamline planning, design, construction, maintenance, and sales processes by dramatically improving enterprise data quality. The Platform also forms the foundation for our specialized applications that optimize specific processes for different stakeholders across the entire network asset lifecycle

The mobile-first architecture and capabilities of the IQGeo Platform are a game changer for telecoms network operators by cutting the cost of construction and maintenance activities while improving customer satisfaction. The IQGeo Platform helps telecoms teams achieve a level of productivity and collaboration that is transforming their business.