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The FITEL S179 Hand-Held, Core Alignment Fusion Splicer offers powerful performance, delivering fast and reliable optical fiber splicing even under harsh environmental conditions. By combining speed, precision, durability, portability and state-of-the-art communication methods in one unit, this fusion splicing machine opens the door to an entirely new range of applications. The FITEL S179 Fusion Splicer is highly effective for use in data centers, longhaul operations, Metro, LAN, and FTTx fiber, including ultra-bend-insensitive fibers as well as large area effective fibers.

• Touch Screen: 4.3-inch wide LCD screen
• Illumination lamp: 3 upper + 1 lower LED
• Detachable V-groove: Easy maintenance and lens cleaning
• NFC: Lock and unlock splicer via smartphone (only for Android phone ver. 4.1 or after)
• WiFi Networking: Communication between splicer and smartphone
• High speed: 6 sec of splicing time and 9 sec of heating time



The S178A is equipped with a core alignment system that can complete a splice in 7 seconds (semi- auto mode) and an integrated heater which can shrink a protection sleeve in 25 seconds (pre-heat mode). The USB 2.0 mini interface speeds up PC communication and image / video transfer, whilst enhancing reliability.

The S178A is a versatile choice for a wide range of applications  including FTTx, LAN, backbone, enterprise, long-haul installations, data-center and OEM. It is an excellent option for use in the conventional telecommunications industry, along with other industries (including oil and gas and outside broadcast).


  • Rugged and compact hand-held design to endure any kind of environmental conditions
  • Internal battery charging
  • Fast splice (7sec) at super low loss and fast heating (25sec)
  • 200cycles (Splicing & heating) with two batteries
  • Available for All METRO/LAN/FTTx fibers including ultra bend-insensitive fibers (G657)
  • Applicable for Splice-On-Connector (SOC)