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Drop Cable Stripper

The stripper is a pratical tool for stripping the jacket and strengthening member of a FTTh indoor cable/ drop cable. With the developing of the FTTh(Fiber To The home) construction, more FTTh cables are used in the last mile of a FTTh construction. And how to stripping the steel strengthening member off of a FTTh indoor cable has become a big problem. Using a traditionally method to strip the  jacket and strengthen member off, the core fiber can be easily damaged and the efficiency is low. To solving the problem described above, the FTTh indoor cable stripper comes to you. With the tool, operator can easily remove both the outer jacket and the strengthening member without damaging the fibers.



  • Universal Stripper for all types of FTTH drop cables
  • Easy to use in field
  • Improve cable splicing efficiency
  • Super tiny design, much more portable.
  • Suitable for both steel and kevlar strengthening member
  • High precision cable guide hole, special for FTTh indoor cable