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EXFO OTH-7000 Remote Optical Test Head | Part of Nova Fiber | PT. Visi Indotama Perkasa | EXFO Indonesia


Used with EXFO’s fiber monitoring system (FMS), the OTH-7000 is a compact, scalable and cost-effective unit designed for the central office and ideal for point-to-point link testing and monitoring.
The OTH-7000 uses EXFO’s renowned iOLM mode, which allows you to monitor and characterize P2P networks, providing you with a central management view and functions. Automated, expert-level fiber testing eliminates the need to manually configure parameters or analyze and interpret multiple complex OTDR traces.
The iOLM algorithm discovers elements on the fiber and are tested against pass/fail criteria, with loss/reflectance and distance values included in the same structured data.
Providing single-test baselining and on-demand testing for fault analysis, iOLM mode allows the user to see deviation(s) and an iconic view, as well as the ability to view and extract each single-pulse OTDR trace as part of the iOLM measurement. The user can also specify a golden trace among the test sequence, for expert-level testing and diagnosis



  • Smallest footprint in the industry (up to 16 ports in ½ RU) with front-only connectivity
  • Scalable (up to 1024 ports)
  • Multi-vendor capability
  • Cost-effective development
  • Optical transceiver module SFP port
  • Dark and in-service fiber monitoring
  • Fault on map (optional GIS)
  • Dual power feeds with low power consumption
  • On-demand test available anytime, anywhere through mobile app for on-site repair confirmations
  • Configurable as client API hardware for direct integration to network management system (NMS) or controlled over EXFO FMS



  • Point-to-point (P2P) links certification with pass/fail thresholds and iconic viewer (with iOLM technology)
  • Fault analysis and troubleshooting
  • Advanced analytics
  • Easy integration with third party solutions using the centralized FMS application
  • Fiber monitoring for dark-fiber providers, data centers, utilities and service providers


  • OTH-7000 platform is managed by EXFO’s FMS, a scalable system that can control and manage up to 1000 units with horizontal scaling capabilities
  • OTH-7000 platform is a true client requiring a minimal outbound firewall to be opened for messaging-based communication using https-encrypted protocol
  • Integration by third parties can be done through micro-services APIs offering the exact functional capability the FMS web and mobile clients (UIs)
  • EXFO FMS analytics includes customizable dashboards and customizable APIs. Key fiber metrics such as length, end-to-end loss, dB/km, are trackable in time and/or by domain – allowing pro-active maintenance of the network
  • GIS Integration through standard APIs can be performed to connect to a third-party GIS

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