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PLC Splitter


Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitter is a power splitter based on the silica glass baseplate. There are two types of PLC Splitters which is 1xN and 2xN. It divides uniformly optical signals from one or two inputs to multiple outputs. The splitter can be operated in reverse direction to combine multiple signals into one fiber or two fibers. Numbering is tagged with permanent marking on each output to ease the port identification.

- Low insertion loss and low PDL
- Compact design
- Good channel-to-channel uniformity
- High reliability and stability
- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
- Permanent numbering marking on each output port to ease port identification


The PLC splitter are used in Aerial/ Wall Mounted/UG/Pedestal FDP/FDB for the applications in PON Network, CATV, Video Transmission and FTTx.